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Joint Health

SUDA COLLAGEN® has 3 different forms to support joint health: ready-to-drink liquid,... 

  • What is SUDA COLLAGEN®?

    It is the best-selling collagen brand with its patented content and popular taste. It has 4 different forms: All forms contain hydrolyzed collagen peptide of German origin. Since SUDA COLLAGEN® is a product used for skin, hair and nails, it contains type and type 3 collagen.

  • What is the difference between collagen and collagen peptide?

    The collagen in SUDA COLLAGEN® is in peptide form. In other words, it is broken down collagen ready for your body to absorb. To be digested, it is absorbed in the intestines without being digested by stomach acid. The collagen peptide size in all products is 2000 daltons.

  • SUDA COLLAGEN® What is its origin? Is there a halal certificate?

    The quality of collagen peptides is as important as the quantity. To guarantee high bioavailability, hydrolyzed collagen peptides are produced with a special technology by the German company Gelita. The entire production process is carried out according to halal production conditions. You can find the halal certificate here .

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